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70 Year of Trading

J C Walwyn & Son

2017 marks an historic anniversary for J C Walwyn & Sons Ltd.  We celebrate 70 years of serving the Funeral Industry.

As one of the oldest Coffin and Casket Manufactures, we are proud to celebrate our firm’s history. 

We also recognize that this milestone is in many respects due to the relationships we have built and maintained with our customer’s, friends and the funeral directing community.  For many, these relationships have been long-standing and span multiple generations.



FFMA Accreditation

FFMA Accreditation

On the 9th November 2016, J C Walwyn & Sons Ltd received notice from the FFMA (Funeral Furnishing Manufacturer’s Association) that all their coffins had passed the Coffin and Casket Testing Protocol and Coffin Certification Scheme to make sure that all coffins presented for cremation are fit for purpose. A range of coffins were sent for testing which were manufactured from veneered chipboard, veneered mdf, paper foil, solid wood and solid pine. Tests included weight, strength, ignition, residue and auto charging on the coffins and J C Walwyn & Sons are delighted to announce that all coffins were declared fit for purpose.


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