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4th generation starts working at J C Walwyn

A landmark occasion arrived on 30th July 2020 when Kian Walwyn started employment at J C Walwyn & Sons Ltd. The Grandson of Managing Director Keith Walwyn and son of Steven Walwyn headed straight on to the factory floor working in the veneer department and final checking area. After completing Year 11 at Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School in Ashbourne during his GCSE year, Kian has initially started before returning to 6th Form education at the school.

Keith spoke on his arrival by saying, “It was a great delight to me to see Kian interested in the family business, he’s a strong lad who will try his hand to any manual work and he’s taken excellently to the job in hand. Although he is returning to 6th Form, he will return during the holiday periods and it is a proud moment to see him join the family business.”

70 Year of Trading

J C Walwyn & Son

2017 marks an historic anniversary for J C Walwyn & Sons Ltd.  We celebrate 70 years of serving the Funeral Industry.

As one of the oldest Coffin and Casket Manufactures, we are proud to celebrate our firm’s history. 

We also recognize that this milestone is in many respects due to the relationships we have built and maintained with our customer’s, friends and the funeral directing community.  For many, these relationships have been long-standing and span multiple generations.



FFMA Accreditation

FFMA Accreditation

On the 9th November 2016, J C Walwyn & Sons Ltd received notice from the FFMA (Funeral Furnishing Manufacturer’s Association) that all their coffins had passed the Coffin and Casket Testing Protocol and Coffin Certification Scheme to make sure that all coffins presented for cremation are fit for purpose. A range of coffins were sent for testing which were manufactured from veneered chipboard, veneered mdf, paper foil, solid wood and solid pine. Tests included weight, strength, ignition, residue and auto charging on the coffins and J C Walwyn & Sons are delighted to announce that all coffins were declared fit for purpose.


Factory Manager Celebrates 25 Years At J.C. Walwyn & Sons Ltd

Loyal and long serving employee Don Millward celebrated 25 years working for J.C.Walwyn & Sons Ltd on Friday 27th November 2015. Don from Longford near Ashbourne has had two spells of employment with the Ashbourne family run firm. He first joined the company in 1985 and was the main delivery driver before leaving for a short spell to drive heavy goods vehicles. Don returned in 1990, and with his experience in the business previously he returned to take up the position of Factory Manager in the Coffin & Casket manufacturing company.

Don pictured on the right was delighted to be presented with a silver/gold engraved watch by Keith Walwyn Managing Director of J.C.Walwyn & Sons Limited as a thank you for his service over the years.

Commenting on his 25-year anniversary, Keith said “We are delighted to have retained both the working and personal skills of Don and applaud him on his unwavering loyalty and substantial contribution to the growth of our company. We like to think of ourselves as one big ‘family’ at J.C.Walwyn & Sons Ltd, no doubt a contributory factor to the high level of long serving employees who have remained with us. I congratulate Don on this achievement and look forward to his continued involvement in the Company.”

Don who has seen the continuous growth of J.C.Walwyn & Sons Ltd over the years which makes them one of the leading coffin manufacturers in the Country said “The service we provide here is second to none and with the quality now as impressive as it has ever been, we are producing a great product. The factory staff that I manage are a pleasure to work with and the team work all round is superb which reflects on how long the loyal staff have all worked together to help produce the quality we do here. I can’t believe where the 25 years have gone but I really do enjoy my Job and thoroughly enjoy working for the Company.”

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